Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 9 ... 2011 Happy Birthday Honey...

So it's funny being here... it's Honey's birthday.. post 50. Remember last year? The party?

Well here we are and regardless of the trials and tribulations of our year together.. yes, that would have been year 21 together, I'm so happy to be here at this moment. I found a simple card for him. It said my little ship came in, with you on it, lucky, lucky me... indeed. I added to that lovely sentiment the following:

Its getting better, richer, more interesting. Deeper, wiser, funnier. Stronger, more beautiful, more connected. Lucky, lucky us. Something along those lines. And that was before our little bottle of champagne so I know I meant it all :).

I love this guy.

I'm plenty grateful.

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