Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 17 ... the cat's out of the bag...

I broke the news to Honey today, it's still settling in. We will be acquiring a new pooch. A puppy pooch as a matter of fact, and while I woke up at four this morning in a panic about it - I know in my heart of hearts it will be a very good thing for this household.

This is an awfully big house for two people - and sometimes, lately, the space has been made even bigger of our own volition. I have a hope and a prayer that Jackson, that is his name, will fill some of that sad, lonely space up. And I know enough to know that is not a good enough only reason, and it's not.  My other reason for inviting a pooch into my life is that I love what a dog makes you feel: loved, cherished, loving and cherishing, like you have a friend, like you can be a great friend, like its important to be happy, like nothing is so bad that a good ball throw or walk can't fix.

I'll post a pick when I can.

Welcome Jackson, I'm looking forward to meeting you.

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