Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16 ... keeping up!

Well.. yes, I have been slacking here lately - and young daughter gave me a piece of her mind. "It was fine while you were in Ireland - but now you're slipping! Come on Mom!".... uh, ok :)..

So the last few days have been nice, calm, loving even... that's nice.

Last night we had dinner with new friends. We were supposed to go to a free outdoor opera - to celebrate the end of Italian week. We went, set up our chairs - and then the heavens opened and gave us a monsoon of sorts. That was fun .. we were completely soaked by the time we got back to their home. Towels, borrowed clothes, jasmine tea and pie.... that wasn't too bad of an alternative to tell the truth.

In 9 days young daughter and little Levi arrive. Two days later, we'll be joined by middle daughter and Jakob! I am excited! The family therapist in me .. never mind that .. the mother in me is a little nervous.. excited, but hoping the ugly history of our family stays at rest just once.. and just long enough to love each other and have a good time. How wonderful it is that we are getting the opportunity to do just that! That weekend, the last weekend in August, we will be having a family jamboree of sorts, with my son and father in tow as well as friends of the family and possibly other surprises!!

Life's a hopping these days .... nice way to know you're alive.

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