Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 12... In the woods...

Had an awesome weekend in the country. Yesterday was a work day - there was a  lot of land our friend had cleared. He rented a chipper and we chipped all the trees he felled. It was vigorous work. I loved it. It made me totally homesick for my Winnetou Lake. I used to work hard up there, clearing brush, picking up fallen trees, making bonfires. I loved it. I remember once, my dad and Honey, standing on the balcony, watching me; my dad turned to Honey and said "She's a real country woman that one, a real woodsman." Indeed daddy, indeed - you taught that to me, or the geography taught that to me: a respect for the land, an appreciation of the changing seasons, the smell of trees and earth. We may have lost our beloved cottage - but I am so grateful for my relationship with nature. When I get the opportunity to "work the land" as it were, I feel settled, centered, strong, at home, really at home.

Thanks so much J & Y.

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