Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 21... Technology...

Sometimes, technology can get the better of me. I can literally sit and geek for hours. I suppose my laptop is "the new TV" - not that I ever devoted this much time to TV.

However there are upsides to this technology stuff. I skyped with young daughter and amazing Levi today. That kid is growing like a weed!!! He is huge! And even better, he is responding!! Which thrills me to no end. It sucks being 4000 or so miles away from your kid and grandson, it really does, in a profound kind of way - but sometimes, and I'm sure it won't be all the time, something like Skype serves as a decent salve to the ache in my heart.

I also do a lot of texting with middle daughter. Some how, through the scraps of tiny messages I send her way, she feel lifted up, supported, connected to something sane and comfortable. I'm happy for these relationships. I feel like I'm doing my "mother" job - better.

I'm grateful for my connecting.

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