Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1... Happy Canada Day...

I went to my first parade today (no seriously, I don't get out much I guess). A Canada Day parade, in a small, beautiful Canadian town, filled with so many children.. as a matter of fact, I have never seen so many kids amassed in one place ever. It does my heart good to see these families. My line of work puts me into contact with troubled families, troubled kids; the big city I live in has it's share of troubled everything.  I am sure Canmore has it's "issues" - even so, it is a very different life here.

Canmore is nestled in a bowl of Rocky Mountains. No matter where you look there is Nature bearing down on you.  It's a real small, family oriented town. Most of the young women I see are either pregnant or walking with new babies. Families hike, walk, cycle together. As a matter of fact one of the "floats" in the parade was a huge group of kids, and little kids, all on mountain bikes. We met with people today, said hello to everyone who walked by us, and they in return said hello to us. The kids ran out into the parade because part of the tradition is that candies are thrown out for the kids to catch - we can't have that in Montreal can we? There were horses and dogs that participated in the parade, kids, cadets and veterans. And all along the parade route.. kids sitting on the street, waving and cheering.

What a beautiful day. Happy birthday dear Country of mine. I'm proud and grateful for the breadth and beauty I'm privileged to be a part of.

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