Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11 .... weekend get away...

I had a wonderful get away weekend. No computer access so hence my absence. I won't be able to post while in Ireland either, so 365 days is going to be off by a few.

I had a lovely weekend: 45 kilometer cycle, amazing sites, spectacular huge deer, bunnies, herons, fields and valleys full of summers bounty and scents, beautiful. Today was a day out on a boat, swimming in Massawippi, laughing with friends, beautiful weather.

We took the scenic route home - I live in an amazing land. Hot air balloons, vast farmlands, just beautiful. I ventured to share some of my observations with Honey ... noticed how thats been absent of late.

Connecting with my wonderful girlfriend. My confidante in these troubled times. And yet another one on-line. I feel fortunate for the relationships I have that nurture me, hold me up when I'm needing that, validate what I'm feeling. Thank you women. You too, are beautiful.

Now, off to go nurture this nasty sun burn! Too much fun.... :-)

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