Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13....Flip Sides...

I'm working really hard these days. Lots of people coming to share their journey. I watch other couples, fighting, criticizing, blaming, attacking.... today I managed to calm them down enough, for just a wee moment, for them to realize they were both feeling the same thing - and thus, could connect, right there. I know what it's like to be lonely, afraid, threatened, sad .... I hear that's how you're feeling. I know that. Sometimes that's enough, enough to settle the stormy seas and let something other than bitterness and anger come out and in.

Sometimes, I sit in front of people that seem so sad, I kind of want to cry along with them. I am witness to suffering that extends to such depths it breaks my heart. Sometimes I wonder if I am just too soft for this kind of work.

Sometimes I feel the wrath and indignation of things that have happened, disrespect, injury, crushing of the soul... all these things happen, to all manner of people, to many of us...  time and again.

I have to be honest, some days this work takes it's toll. I come home carrying stuff that isn't always mine, react to Honey based on stuff that isn't always his, feel a little crushed in my own right... but the flip side is, I feel a great reward to all those that have righted their course, held up their heads, accepted whom they are, are prideful now, know themselves to be deserving and lovely human beings. That happens, a lot, my people are resilient, I'm proud of that. A little bit of listening takes the soul a long, long way.

So when I have an evening ... where I have been able to create some calm, where I have been able to bring them back to the original little block of whence they began ... help them to retouch that spot... and everyone softens, and there is silence... and we recognize the humanness in ourselves and the other.. and I bring that home.... I'm grateful for what I do.

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