Friday, April 23, 2010

April 23 ... Chablis and gratitude!

Ok so the title is a sort of, kind of, a joke.. but before the Chablis claims more of me that it ought to....

I am grateful that young pregnant daughter has the courage to say .. "Mommy, this is what I need. It's not meant to hurt you at all. Quite the contrary. Please know this." And Mommy responds "I hear you love." and it's done.

I say to Honey.. "Listen to me!!" and surprisingly... he does!

Things can be mercilessly hard sometimes. That's how it goes I guess. Can't rewrite history, and gotta live with it's consequences. But really, the good news is - we can!

I'm going to have dinner now...

Know world, that I am grateful: to be alive, to have the family I do, to love the way I do and to know that I am in fact loved too.

Much gratitude.

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