Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15... Not so bad...

I don't know if its noticeable.. but I haven't been feeling too good lately. I am happy to have been able to find the moments of gratitude that I have posted about, and truthfully, thank God for the task because I might drown in a sea of sorrow otherwise. Overall it's a tough time. I don't know if it's hormonal (my usual culprit) or what, but I have been struggling to stay on course. I have fallen off the exercise wagon once again, find myself lethargic, groggy, exhausted with no motivation to do anything. I am often in a lot of pain, back aching, SUPER irritable .. blah blah blah... I am even having trouble reading - meaning I can't seem to get into reading. So like I said.. not sure what's up with that.

However this evening, for the last hour, it's been not so bad. I can converse with Honey with out snapping. I can look at myself and not be upset. Small things to you - but a big deal to me.

I am very grateful for what ever moments I get "out from under". And it's thanks to the practice of gratitude that I get to be so present as to notice them. Maybe I'm crazy?

Being in a funk isn't any fun.

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