Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1 ... simple things

I am grateful for having been serenaded by a Robin on my walk to work. I always believed the sighting of a Robin meant Spring was here to stay, thinking they were migratory kind of birds and they came back when it was warm enough. Ya well, except for the fact that there was a whole, huge flock of them on Mt. Royal in the middle of winter - blowing my theory out of the water! Maybe it's that they don't sing until it gets warm? Is that at all possible? In any case, beside the Red Cardinal that also has an amazing song, the Robin sounds beautiful. I love the challenge of spotting them, perched high above.

I am sure the birds are as happy as I am about the sunny, +18 degree day we are having. As a matter of fact it supposed to go up to 26 on Saturday. Doesn't seem possible - it being April 1, but there you have it.

As I lie here on the couch writing, windows open, I hear the kids in the lane playing street hockey. No one calling the police here! (Honestly can you believe someone called the police, here in Montreal, because a group of kids was playing street hockey! What is this city coming to?!). I for one am grateful to hear them. There is a certain sense of continuity in hearing them play. A certainty that the weather is in fact changing, that this is not some kind of fluke, that the neighbourhood is waking up and coming out of it's deep winter sleep. Let the Lane Parties begin!!!

Ah .. I feel very grateful at the moment.

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