Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 24 ... Honey and stuff..

I had a great day with Honey today. It started with an early morning walk including a stop for fresh made breakfast pastry treats... I don't know what his was called, but mine was a Chausson aux Puree de Pomme - ya! We had it at a little table, sort of sidewalk cafe kind of thing. Was wonderful.

We reminisced about our first days in our neighbourhood 9 years ago. While most of the world would consider us more or less city central - Honey and I felt we'd given up our hipsterness and moved to the burbs. We used to have all manner of restaurant a stroll from home, pharmacies would stay open 24 hours, or at least until 11 pm. In our new neighbourhood everything seemed toned down to family sensibilities. No spicy food, no ethnic treats, and the pharmacies closed at 8 pm, what the hell was up with that? We were unhappy and worried in our first year here. It never occurred to us to take a bus or get in a car to go eat somewhere - like back in the old hood. What would have been the point of that?

Anyhow... one day we came upon what is now our favourite Indian food restaurant, The Star of India, if you're interested. It's Indian home cooking at its best, and for the last 8 years we have been faithful devotees. So much so that most of the time we don't use a menu and the guys just say "Chicken Dhansak for Madame, and Bangalore Phal for Sir" and we nod happily and drink our pints.

A few months ago we noticed that more and more often, the place would be full when we got there, and we would have to either wait, or come back some other time. Note to self, make reservations. So a few weeks ago I called - and I am sad to say after all these years of going I didn't know anyone's name there - and I assumed they didn't know ours. So when I called and made the reservations I made them under "Mrs. Dhansak and Mr. Bangalore". The waiter, whose name Honey is insisting is Khabhir, let out a huge laugh and knew exactly who I was! Nice.

p.s. (no, I'm not sure it's his name - Honey chirped it out while I was writing - and if it is, I'm not sure that is how you spell it. So Khabhir, if you are reading, please forgive me.)

Happy day today.

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