Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 25 .... awesome day!

Before I share about my day... Jesus, Mary and Joseph! - it's April 25th already! I'm not so thrilled with how getting older changes your perspective on how crazy fast time seems to fly now. Slow down world, life, everyone .. pleeeaasse!

And again, Jesus, Mary and Joseph! It's only April 25th and did you get a load of our Spring! We had our first official cycle of the summer! 40K!!! I feel fantastic and proud of myself! I am grateful my body can still cooperate! I am totally high on endorphins! Haaapppyy! Really, I should do this more often.

So we cycled 20K to go see our buddies in the West Island. Hung out with my dear friend, she seems to be doing better and better, and I am happy about that. Then we cycled back. And what a spectacular day to do it! And what an awesome bike I have!

And the 40K .. all in preparation of our cycling tour in Ireland this summer! Wooohoo! All I have to do now is imagine myself having a Guinness or two and getting up tomorrow to do it all again! Yikes!

A truly wonderful day.

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