Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26 ... 116th post... crazy!

So, I'm grateful that after a 40k cycle, I woke up today feel awesome! Still some kicking around to by done by the old grey mare! OK, I'm grateful I don't really think I'm an old grey mare!

I'm grateful for the lovely dinner Honey made for me (even though I know that it was ready so that he would be done eating before the playoffs started! I'm no fool you know!).

I'm grateful for the glorious day, for the huge patch of yellow, multi-petaled tulips I came upon, they were astounding.

I'm grateful that I persevere with this blog. It's a voice to young pregnant daughter, I assume it gives her some strength. I am grateful for that. You are a strong young woman, keep your head up, know yourself, know that you are loved.

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