Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 28.... What it is, and what it's not.

What a frustrating day. I have waited since the beginning of December for a doctor's appointment I had this morning. My appointment was for 10:15, I was asked to show up for 9:15 for x-rays and a CT scan (which never happened). I showed up at 8:45 because I'm German. Whatever. Well, I left that office at 12:15!! The x-rays only took 10 minutes. The rest of the time was spent waiting. And it is not lost on me that I ought to be grateful for the appointment. Really? I mean honestly, if that doctor worked for me, I would fire them for the poor time management skills. As if all that wasn't frustrating enough - my hip x-rays never made to the doctor, and she refused to do anything about that; and she completely ignored the physiotherapist's letter. Bah! And all this on Princess Day!!!!

So - I am in fact grateful that I know what is wrong with my foot. At least now I can strategize. I realize that's warped gratitude but there you have it.

My day didn't end there though.

I sent an email today - stating that I would no longer participate in certain meetings because they were chaotic and caused me too much stress. The recipient replied that she had never received such an insulting email. I replied saying - that is how you are interpreting it, not me. I am not insulting anyone, I am looking out for myself. And you know what, I am proud of it. I wish I had been that assertive with the doctor!

So I am grateful that at least some of the time I find my voice and stick up for myself. That I know when something isn't good for me, and I do something about it. That's worth being grateful for because I remember a time in my life I wouldn't have been "able" to notice even that I needed to speak up, let alone think myself worth doing it for. I'm grateful that has changed.

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