Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24 ... Magical...

It seems overnight we had a bit of an ice storm. Nothing like what happened in 1998 obviously but still, all the trees had a coating of ice on them. When I left for my dr. appointment this morning, the streets were filled with a tink-a-link music; the sun was warming the branches and the ice was falling - everywhere! It was really magical. My route took me over Mount Royal - it was spectacular. With the sun shining through the branches it looked like a crystal forest. Believe it or not I am going to post pics! Does that give you an idea of what the entire mountain looked like? And not only that - there as well - tink-a-inking music filled the air. It really felt like a blessing to witness this.

I decided that on my way back from the dr.'s I would go back to Mount Royal and walk around and I did. Fine thing to do on Princess Day if you ask me.

In a phone conversation I had with an old friend the other night, we were talking about vacations and the places she went for her 50th, and where I hope to go for my 50th (15 years from now ...). I came to the conclusion that I would much rather go on a hike, kayak a river, or climb a mountain, than go to a museum. I am always inspired and mesmerized by nature. Sometimes I have this totally crazy thought that this "show" was put on for me! One of my secrets is I fancy myself a "bird whisperer" ... ok so it's a little out there. All I'm saying is it really makes my day when I get a gift like today. I'm grateful to have received that gift.

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