Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23 ... The rantings of a pregnant girl ....

On the phone with young pregnant daughter (is it 32 or 33 weeks? not sure). I am grateful that I have gone through the experience of having a baby before she did, cause now I have the stamina to help her through things on the phone... stamina for things like uh... bellowing, moaning and groaning, cranky whining (she just chirped in). And all this is made totally pleasurable for me, because she likes to say "At least I know I'm doing it!"

That is worth a blog in and of itself. Some rantings:

Through the sound of a mouthful of cookies... "I gotta stop eating these cookies!!" Moan and groan... I'm roaring with laughter... she threatens to hang up and groans again.... Oh my goodness I love it.

Now she is upset cause she can't see her ribs :-).

"My dogs poop too much... it's true you pick up their poop one day... the next day you pick up seven plops. I wish I could poop 7 plops I would be so much less crabby. Just sayin'"

"Ok I'm gonna let you go and go sulk somewhere."

Hang in there lovely Peanut.

Ahhh, I'm grateful...

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