Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31 ... a full three months of gratitude!!

Hi everyone and happy Princess Day. I had a nice, leisurely day - this after last night's feast with 15 people! While that is always a good time, it sure is a lot of work and I must say I am very grateful for having had a free day today. I had lunch with my dear friend and then took my dad for a hair cut. I was really glad to be doing both those things - got me out of the house and away from the leftovers and the caramel crunch stuff!!

So three months of gratitude. Wow. You know what though, it works and its real. I am learning that one's approach - hold on, my approach, my perspective in life, how I choose to greet the day, others, my issues, is very much a choice, my choice. Gratitude is not just a consequence - it is most definitely a choice. I have to make a conscious choice to allow that awareness to grow, take root, enrich me. I am so glad that I do, that I am.

And to those of you joining me on this journey, thank you. I feel proud when I hear you saying "Hey it's P Day, what are you doing?" I feel proud when I see you and you say "that's great", or "are you ok?", or "thank you". I feel proud that you would invest yourself to such a degree as to tell me what does and doesn't work for you in what I share, that there is meaning there that you appreciate, that you too are cultivating gratitude in your life. That, to me, is spectacular.

So from a full and grateful heart, happy sort of anniversary and thank you.

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