Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 16 ... babies and daughters

Young pregnant daughter posted pics of herself on Facebook today. She is 30 weeks and counting! She looks amazing, healthy, lovely, (huge!!) ... happy, no denying her "condition" lol.

I am so very grateful for our relationship. I know I say that a lot in this blog. 21 years ago I made the choice to be a non-custodial mother. Choice is a strange word to use. I felt, and feel, that I made the best decision possible for everyone concerned. To look back now and say I could have done things differently, or I should have, is of not much use. The fact remains I made the choices I made. Those choices have had their consequences, not the least of which has been some fractious relationships with my children. But I think I can say, we have all gotten through the rough parts, skinned knees and scraped elbows to be sure... but here we all are, at the other end of it. And here we are able to share in each others' lives, happiness, sadness, children (!), relationships... I am allowed in, I am invited in, and I am very grateful. I am grateful that these relationships have persevered, and that I can live without regret for the path I took.

I gotta go, one of my girls' is calling :-)...

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