Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28 ...Belonging..

I'm whooped. Honey and I have pretty much dedicated our day to getting ready for the second Seder on Tuesday. We both have a very full day tomorrow, the first Seder to go to tomorrow night, which leaves day time Tuesday to cook up a whopping storm and get things ready for a 15 people sit down dinner. The folks in the clan call it the Jewish Olympics and they don't call it that for nothing! So today was about a lot of prep, and now I'm prepped out.

I've allowed myself the last lovely hour surfing the blogs I read. Oh my goodness some people are funny and it makes my day to be a part of this community.

Speaking of community, as I went out to buy something earlier today, I passed a church as the churchgoers were all leaving with their palms, for Palm Sunday. I often get a sense of longing when noticing - whether protestant, catholic, Jewish - people with faith, with a way to practice their faith, attached to a community that revolves around that. My longing revolves around the sense of belonging I imagine them to have. They know where they are going on Saturday or Sunday morning. They know who they will see there. They know where they can go for comfort and solace. I am sure as hell (ha, ha, pun) no advocate of organized religion, the Oral Roberts stuff, gaad shudder the thought, but when I see folks communing in my neighbourhood, I feel like I'm missing out on something, is all.

So ya, gratitude. I'm grateful for this space I took today, to surf the net, to ponder such things as community. I am grateful for the families I belong to, that make me feel like a part of something bigger whether it's Honey's, or mine, or the blogesphere... I'm grateful to be here.

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