Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22..... I'm not so sure..

I have been sitting here wondering what to write this evening. I'm going over my day, it wasn't anything too exciting, still struggling with a bit of a flu bug, took care of some errands.. it meandered on that way, the day did. I made a treat for Passover, bought some groceries...

Aha, I got it. Today, at IGA, I finally found my Vanilla Almond Bark tofu ice cream. Trite, you may say, but holy cow, I love that stuff and I'm hard pressed not to hide it from Honey and eat the whole thing myself! That was my moment of joy and gratitude today, lingering over my Tofuti ...

I realize that some days just go by. I can't say I squandered it, or that I didn't appreciate it. I can't even say I'm not grateful. If gratitude is an essence to experience then there it is.


  1. Finding your favourite ice cream is a good day in my book.