Friday, June 18, 2010

June 18 .... in the midst of a storm...

Sometimes, when I'm "supposed" to write my blog post, I'm in the middle of stuff - it could be a funky mood, a dinner with friends, or a fight with Honey. Writing always seems kind of surreal at those times because I'm not really tuned in to either - in this case the fight, Honey, or the blog. And I am not sure at a moment like this what I feel grateful for.

I had a great day. Interesting politics, good work, awesome gardening, a lovely 5 a 7 with friends, and then a difficult, uncomfortable evening with Honey.

I remember learning, and then teaching, with regard to self-esteem, that people sometimes have the bad "habit" of making "everything" bad when it's only been a small part - for example, doing poorly on a test, does NOT mean you don't understand ANYTHING; not getting ONE job, does not mean you're a complete career failure; having one fight, does not make the whole relationship shit; having a few bad months does not flush 20 years down the toilet....

Sometimes, life is hard .... and you know what, sometimes, it's not. That is in fact, something to be grateful for.

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