Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 12 ... ordinary things....

Today was a day of getting stuff done. We needed to finalize, sort of, our wardrobe prep for Ireland - that's coming up quickly. Going shopping for clothes is rarely fun for me. I'm shaped like a light bulb... ya, like that, like when you're holding up a light bulb - screwy side down... no fun.. thats not a pear, or an apple, certainly not a bean... no way, uh uh not me, I'm a light bulb. Which means what fits on the top doesn't fit on the bottom and vice versa... Oh well. The good news is, rather than look like a young, hip, hottie babe... I'm going to look like an Olympic athlete! See.. it's all about the silver lining.

Then we proceeded to the baby store! Soo tiny these things. It's hard to imagine my own children, who are now adults, with whom I have at the very least, complicated relationships, were once my teeny tiny babies. So we shopped for Levi and the new second cousin, who I hope we're going to see shortly. Imagine we were all such tiny creatures once upon a time. You lose sight of that, lose sight of how vulnerable we all were, basically are, who am I kidding.

Now it's time for an afternoon nap, before this evenings festivities begin. We're off to a BBQ party.

Nice easy summer day. I'm grateful.

Oh, PS ... Blogger has new templates.. let me know what you think of the change....

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