Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 19 ... Lane Party!

Every year, the responsibility is bestowed on me, and I guess I accept, to organize my neighbourhood community for a "Lane Party". We have a lamb meschui - lamb roasted on a spit. We get to have that because one of the neighbours is Greek - and they always do Greek Easter with a lamb on a spit. A few years ago we all decided that we would chip in and have that for our lane party - and we have been doing it ever since. The neighbourhood consists of the houses on either side that border our lane out back. It's perfect. Our lane is constructed so that it is closed at either end and there is never any car traffic.

As I write - the men are putting up tarps - as it seems a thunder shower later is inevitable. They have created an amazing tent city before - we use tarp, swimming pool liners, (yes, yes), out door gazebo type structures.. and by the beginning of the evening it all comes together to house up to 35 adults and a bunch of kids, and many tables laden with food and wine - and there you go .. we have an awesome evening, always.

I have to go .. the Greeks are starting up the grill... and we always have a smaller, more private, lunch party ... let the fun begin!

Happy Summer everyone.

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