Friday, June 4, 2010

June 4 .. lettin' loose..

Honey and I moved here about 9 years ago now.. oh God.. that's like a blink of an eye! Crikie... Anyhoo all that to say... we have developed some fine relationships over the last nine years. The Mooka folks are awesome: we eat and drink too much, we play golf, we even vacation together... it's a beautiful thing.

The Greeks are awesome too. They may be a year or two younger than us (probably not even, and I don't even remember now). Mr. Greek was a buddy of our landlord that we had for 12 years on the Plateau. For whatever reason, it always thrills Honey to hear tales about what Mr. Greek and ex-landlord used to do together. I think because it's nice validation knowing EVERYONE else thought the guy (ex-landlord) an ass.

So often, during the summer, the Greeks invite us over for a 5 a 7. These guys happen to be the most generous, hospitable folks I have ever met. And the funniest thing... their oldest son D, mimics his dad.. completely.. when it comes to how he offers food, how he walks, how he wants to entertain when folks are around - it's beautiful. I doubt they follow blogs, or are even online that much .. maybe the kids... but if just once they would.. I would like them to know that their friendship and hospitality are immensely appreciated.

In two weeks we have our annual "Lane Party" .. it's usually a Meschwi of Lamb, this year perhaps a suckling pig!, but we're not sure. The entire neighbourhood shows up, we have an awesome, heartwarming, somewhat inebriated time, and I love it. I love summer. I love my neighbourhood.

What a lovely summer evening we have had...

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