Saturday, June 5, 2010

June 5 ... in the garden...

So the weather here is getting predictable - if it's the weekend it's raining. Except that... it more or less isn't. It looks foreboding enough not to go out and cycle, or picnic, or walk .. and in the end it barely rains. The silver lining in that is the gardening I got done today! My home - the outside - looks awesome. I have some new "children", a clematis, basil plants, ooh and a nice new lavender plant. And I transplanted irises to the front and created a sort of hedge, looks wonderful.

Now, at 5 pm... I can barely move... is that really how 49 is supposed to feel? Anyhow.. despite the stiffness and muscle ache, I am really pleased with my productive day. Yay me!

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