Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 3 .... getting out there....

I have been commenting lately on my great brain fatigue .. (Haven't I??). Well in case I haven't .. I have been suffering from brain fog, brain fatigue, a lack of motivation, I don't know what the hell...  and it's tough tough tough to get past it. It's easier, it really is, to sit and stare out a window for four hours than it is to get up and live a life. Sort of....

Anyhow... last week on Princess Day I was in a meeting where I met a very interesting lady. Since our meeting she has sent emails to two different people saying Heidi does this and that I think she would be good for you. Holy Cow!! Now I have to step up to the plate!! I do!!! I have to put my projects into practice, have to walk the talk, put my money where my mouth is... or make the money I'd like to put in my mouth! Whatever! And it's hard! It's hard to have the guts to put a workshop together and trust that it's going to be something. It's hard keeping the belief that you can engage people, that they will be interested, that you have something important to share. I was told I had wonderful potential for leadership, I should grab the bull by the horns, I have lots to offer. Really? How do you see that while I'm asleep at the wheel??? Tell me?! I'm really glad I met this lady. I may never see her again... but I'm grateful she came across my path.

Nothing like someone coming along and lighting a fire under your hiney.

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