Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21 ... Happy Summer...

All first days of summer should be as glorious as today was. I was lucky - I had a late start to work - which left my morning free and clear. I went on a most amazing bike ride. Up the mountain and through the woods of Mount Royal, down through the Plateau, to Old Montreal and home again. It was the perfect temperature. It smelled absolutely wonderful on the mountain, everywhere actually. The Linden trees are in bloom - and while in a week or so I will be cursing the sap or whatever shit sprays from those trees in the middle of the summer, making the whole front of the house sticky and disgusting, when they bloom it's another story all together. It smells fantastic around here. The mountain smelled of the country and while I got weepy for only a second or two - I felt ever grateful for the morning I was having. A lot of smiling on my face today.

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