Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 10.... more babies!!!

Second cousin once removed .. is that even it? Let me start over ... Honey's cousin had a baby today! Beautiful, beautiful boy. Mom looked like she didn't even break a sweat, seriously. I saw her less than three weeks ago and really, she didn't even look all that pregnant!!! I am very, very happy for them indeed.

I had a moment today where I really missed her mom. Dear H passed away two years go February. I know her daughters missed her mightily today. We all did. When I said as much to Auntie A she said "She was with us anyway". We all carry a spirit or two around with us don't we?

I am noticing now that whenever someone close has a baby, it's really loaded for me. I wanted so badly for my mother to be there for me when my kids were born. That didn't happen. It was and is painful, more so I guess because I always saw it as her choice. It would be nice to find a way to rejoice about these babies that are coming into my life. New grandson, new second cousin, these are happy wonderful events - not sad ones.

Time to move on Heidi.

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