Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 27 ..... A man of Canmore...

I don't understand how people live here. I walk out side and am instantly agog at the mountains. They are everywhere. At the BBQ last night I asked people, some of whose families have lived here for over a hundred years!! I asked them, do you ever tire of the mountains? Is it possible to become blase about them? I am stupified by them. Young daughter will ask me an important question while we're driving and I'm tuned out.... gawking...

At one point today son-in-law noticed a rescue operation going on on one of the mountains.. he called out to Peanut and she got me and we all watched. Then they sat and watched for at least an hour how birds, presumably eagles, were dive-bombing for food. I am very grateful that my daughter has found a man who finds that interesting, who is mesmerized by nature, who has a healthy and immense respect for nature. THAT makes me happy.

It takes my breath away sometimes to see the values I hold dear - obviously nature, its care, the beauty of the mountains, Winnetou... I see those values being held and shared between my daughter and her mate, soon with her son, my grandson. I love the continuity.

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