Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7 .... much gratitude...

My present life began back about let's see.. twenty years ago. That's who I am now, the person that evolved from there. It's that woman that decided to go to university, get herself educated, figure out who I am and all. One of the first awesome women on my journey was M. I met her as my teacher - in one of my very first courses. It was then that I knew without a doubt actually, that I would one day have a private practice and do what it is I'm doing today. The road was long and curvy, hills and vales, but here I am pretty much how I visioned it then. And all along the way, in one way, shape or form, M has been there, in a strange kind of way.

Like I said our relationship began as teacher/student, Peter Pan/Wendy, White Witch/Grasshopper ... whatever. After some time, I taught with her, twice. Both experiences were great. She was near me when I first began therapy. I would run into her at the oddest of times. After one therapy session, running into her and our co-teaching colleagues, one of the colleagues said "Oh my look how upset poor Heidi is!", M chirped back "Good!".  She had a way of shaking me back to myself. She used to "rub" the bad energy off of me and toss it away. We spent a weekend in the country with two other women. We have laughed so hard together... M remember the drive to the country, me telling you the story of L ... doesn't matter now but holy cow I never laughed so hard in my life. Or the story of your mother's nursing home, where the mother AND daughter resided ... remember that howl? Or the book falling on your head on Park Avenue.. out of no where. Or being on the phone when you discovered the word Miasma!! God.. fuuuunnny.

And then she moved to another country. We don't see each other just as much as we ever did :). That's the kind of relationship we have I guess. And if that were all I had to write - I would be grateful enough.

Once she left Canada, she left her private practice behind too. And since she left, she has sent me a steady stream of work which has been a huge part of the success of my practice. I have thanked her many a time. I am thanking her again. The fact that she sends these folks to me speaks to me of trust - in me of course; of a recognition of my good work - cause truth be told, it's been over 5 years now that she is sending me people. I feel respected as a professional by my mentor and teacher. I am very, very grateful dear M. Thank you.

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