Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6 ... most any Wednesday

Before beginning with my gratitude for today.. I would like to say .. it is not enough to not get caught up in others' drama.... it is equally significant and important not to get caught up in your own. I felt I needed to address that given yesterday's post (and geez on only day 5!).

So this year, and for the past year, I have very wisely rented out my office on Wednesdays. This makes it impossible to work. I'm grateful for that. I'm grateful that I have so much work that taking off Wednesdays is kind of a necessity.

I love my Wednesdays. I call them Spa Days, because the first few non-working Wednesdays I permitted myself the luxury of massages, or hairdressing appointments, and have now added training sessions and so on.

So today, after a night of not much sleep thanks to Honey having put his back out yesterday morning - yes yesterday, yes that would be 4 days before the big 50th birthday party, yes that would be 3 days before the surprise out of town guests arrive that HE is supposed to show around town, so that I might have the house to myself to prepare.... after all that.. I had a hairdresser appointment with Louisa.

I love Louisa. She is so beautiful, funny and really, very good at what she does. We share our work stories and always end up rolling on the floor laughing. It's a wonder my hair is as straightly cut as it is! Well here is my gratitude shout-out for today: I am so grateful for Louisa (she works at La Coupe on Sherbrooke if ever you need a great stylist) today. I stopped panicking about the weekend, I felt much less tired at the end of our "session", I feel beautiful, and at the moment - ready to tackle this party.

I am privileged and spoiled even, to have such a thing as Spa Day Wednesdays... but let me tell you - boy am I grateful!!

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