Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 28.... Friends..

I got a call from an old friend today. You know a friend is a friend when it takes you less than a minute to fall back into something easy and comfortable. We caught up, shared some laughs, and shared about our pooches, our other friends.

We had a great dog for eight years. Doogie was an awesome friend. Took our love in stride, played the marital therapist, soothed our sobbing hearts when it was required, made us laugh to no end, he was a great friend. Having a dog is an experience unto itself. Nothing teaches gratitude quite like a dog. You can do absolutely nothing for them and they still appear grateful to have the honour of sitting by your side. They can be in extreme pain, limping along to the very end, and still, they're grateful to have whatever crumb of affection or time you offer. Obviously we offer more than a crumb - but a dog would settle for that wouldn't he? And still be happy.

I'm grateful for the time we had with Doogie. I am grateful for how he enriched my life, slowed me down, loved me, and stood by me. I miss him.

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