Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 29 ... Awesomeness....

So I left for the office at 7:30 this morning. It's a cool -30 with the wind chill, but it's so crystal clear and blue and beauitful outside, it doesn't seem so bad. I dont' know if it's the effects of the gelatinous stuff your eyeballs are made out of freezing, or the air molecules freezing, or what - but everything is sharper, clearer, more THERE. For me, cold like that let's you know your alive. I am grateful.

I had two very rewarding hours of work this morning. It always takes me to a place of gratitude when I reflect on how my brave clients privilege me by sharing their stories, by having me on their journeys with them. This morning was no exception. Great work people! And thank you. I am grateful.

On my way home, while it hadn't warmed up at all, the sun was higher, it really is gorgeous out. I went to pick up those hemmed pants, stopped and bought myself an all dressed bagel, just one, picked up a nice white for tonight, and to top it all off... when I got home - I got a perfect coffee out of that Mooka of mine!!! Awesome!

And all the way home, winding from one place to the next, out in this glorious sunshine, and super frigid temperature, I felt the anticipation of writing and sharing, and my gratitude grew! Thereby adding to the deliciousness of my morning.

And people, it's not even noon!!!

Sometimes things don't make sense. Yesterday was tough, dealing with issues about my dad and his care, late in the night fretting with Honey about his adventures, tough things to talk about, tough changes on the horizon perhaps, a wee bit of sleep deprivation due to the worries ... and then you wake up, go out side in the frigid morning air, and feel grateful to be alive.

I'll take it.

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