Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 2 - Overcoming Obstacles

We're off to Quebec to visit my daughter and grandson. Now there is gratitude. My daughter has struggled mightily in her short life-time. Our journey through her adolescence and into young adulthood was difficult, heart-wrenching, frightening. That has changed and the journey is now enriching, enlightening, supportive and wonderful. I am so proud of how she is overcoming the obstacles in her life and making good and solid decisions for herself, her son and the rest of her family. I get to watch her flower, grow, and become the person she really wants to be and she is happy to share that with me. I get to watch my grandson ... well watching my grandson doing anything is reason enough for gratitude .. but I get to watch him watch his mom, look up to her, learn from her. My heart is truly full and I am truly blessed. Much to be grateful for.

Tomorrow's gratitude will be shared a little later in the day.

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  1. Well here I am at Day 3...there are so many things I'm grateful for...but today it's some just lifts the spirits and makes you feel alive. This Christmas holiday has been wonderful..filled with family love good friends and joy! Even still there is some sadness one of our families matriarchs is ailing and may not be with us much longe, I am so grateful to have had the honour of sharing time with her.