Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3 - Drama... redux

Drama... how does drama play itself out in your life? Well in mine - and many other's I know - drama has been a major player. Many of us from dysfunctional and/or addicted families have been raised to believe that drama is our very life blood, it's what moves us, what carries us, what makes us feel alive. It's who we are we like to tell ourselves. We have been raised to believe that these reactions we have are appropriate, not irrational; a show of love, not immaturity; strength and not histrionics.

The manifestation of this drama often looks like victimization, blaming, sometimes depression and anxiety believe it or not. We believe ourselves helpless, powerless, without choice.

But I have news for you my friends... drama ... is a choice. I never got that until now. I never understood this clearly how one can stand apart, respond lovingly and all, but stand apart and choose to not get sucked in by drama. And it's ok! As a matter of fact it's good!

I am very grateful for this learning. I hope that it will spread. It's a good thing. Staying calm, rational, happy and supportive .. is good!

I had a wonderful time with my daughter and grandson this weekend. Looking forward to many more.

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