Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 10 - niceness...

It occurred to me that I have been writing about all this love and wonderfulness in my life. I wondered "maybe too much?". I mean 9 great days out of 10 - and even the off day in between was fraught with learning and growth. But how silly is that? It's ok to have a long stretch of wonderful. It's ok to be happy, in love, satisfied even, for long stretches even. Is this where I insert - "right"?

Here I am, writing after 5 hours of sleep, and lots of work, and one of the best parties I have ever thrown. Honey was thrilled with all the little surprises - I think actually, that he is somewhat overwhelmed by the outpouring of affection. He doesn't quite seem to know what to do with it, feels all squishy and uncomfortable, albeit totally grateful and happy. I'm happy for him. He had a great time, he looked amazing, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Today I'm grateful that I can just sit. Today I'm grateful that I won't be cooking. Today I will revel with Honey, share all the little details of how this whole evening came together, I know he likes those kinds of stories.

Today I will let this contentment flourish, linger, and expand. Today I will trust it.

Gratitude, it's a good thing.

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  1. What wonderful stuff you write...I love reading your blogs.... Keep up the wonderful work....Love you lots. Your sis.