Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9 .. Happy Birthday Honey...

And so here we are. The day! Way too much food, but otherwise.. no real reason this should not be a lovely evening.

Twenty years ago today, I started what would be an enduring ritual to salute Honey's birthday. Maybe this should be our anniversary as well. We always struggle to define a date that would honour the beginning of our relationship. I've been thinking today would be good because of that lovely ritual.

So again, twenty years ago today, I greeted Honey, who was sitting at his computer (something I find hilarious because that hasn't changed!!) with a birthday greeting. I was dressed in a bow tie, had a chocolate mousse cake on a tray, two champagne flutes, and as we like to say, an Old Widow. Our favourite champagne has always been Veuve Cliquot (the Widow Cliquot). I have bestowed a birthday greeting on Honey in this manner for every one of our twenty years together - except for the Millennium, all the champagne was sold out!

The bottles have gotten smaller (I get the half bottle now because at our age we can't seem to make it through the big one), the cake is for one, instead of for six, and the bow tie has been done in flannel nighties, bathing suits, and sometimes like the first time, al fresco with a bow tie. Good times :-)

And now you're 50 Honey.. I want you to know you look absolutely beautiful, you still take my breath away, and no I won't trade you in for a younger model! You're all spicy and yummy and I adore you. Happy, happy birthday my love. And Happy Anniversary... here's to many, many more.

Gratitude is good....


  1. I can't believe it! 50! You guys are an inspiration and I wish I could be there!!

  2. Wow 50 ...for today I'm grateful I'm not there yet...soon ...but not yet!!