Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17....Happy Birthday..

Hello and Happy Birthday to me. So here I am, another year older. Usually, I decide, on New Year's Eve to predict my year on the basis of whatever it is that is going on that evening. Sometimes I am a little more flexible and make it about the few days before and after. I tend to do the same thing on my birthday. And today started with a 6:45 am call from young not so pregnant daughter, followed by, or rather interrupted by, a call from completely hysterical middle daughter. Hmmm ... Dear Honey pointed out "You know how you said all this lovely stuff with regard to your kids ... and sometimes it's punctuated with reality"... ah ya, ok so today was punctuated!!!

Anyhow all that to say in the end... every thing is fine, there was no need for hysterics, and little grandson number two is prospering. Add to that an awesome dinner made by Honey himself, and a nice bottle of red with good dear friends... and just as I'm writing Honey came up with a spectacular dessert!!!! Mmmm...

A wee note to middle daughter - I love you more than you can possibly know. There is no way I will ever let go of this. Know this. Be confident in what we share, more importantly, be confident in your strength and wisdom. You don't need me.


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