Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 4 ... Prepping for Ireland... the proper way!

I have been up since 5:45 a.m. I dunno... but I decided to take advantage. Honey followed not long after. So here we were caffeinated and done by 7:30. I suggested a morning bike ride. I got an OK, thats a great idea - which Honey, you need to hear, I'm grateful for! No knee-jerk reason not to do it, just a whole-hearted yes! Lets go!

So off we went. We decided that we would go as far as we could until the alarm went off and that would mean we had to turn back. I finally found something useful to do with my Black Berry!! Well that would have been good except the rain started long before the alarm went off. However, crazy as it seems.. it was beautiful. It wasn't a hard, driving rain but a gentle one. It was bearable. So we decided this is what Ireland might be like and that would be ok.

Along the canal, there were Red Winged Blackbirds. I learned recently that they are migratory birds, so I'm happy to report, they're back! And beautiful as ever. The cycling path along the canal is not that busy at this hour, on a weekday morning, when it's raining. So it was lovely, and peaceful.

We'll definitely be doing that more often.

Now, off to work! Happy Day.

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