Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31.... taking the time..

I have been at this Gratitude business for a full five months. I'm proud of myself. And I notice a definite difference in my outlook. At the darkest of times, I stop, reflect and find what there is to be grateful for in that moment. My lesson: there is always something. 

Like today - every once in a while Honey's struggle overwhelms me. I become anxious, unsure, afraid for our future. I know at those times it's important to reach out across the space of fear, reach out and hold on, for him as much as for me. 

We did that tonight. Getting out of the house, going for a lovely walk, getting an ice cream.. I mean really how long has it been since we've done that? And Levis doesn't count, cause having ice cream at the Chocolaterie is what you do in Levis. It was lovely to return to something simple, basic, yummy even. The two of us, strolling hand in hand, happily licking away. That's a lot to be grateful for if you ask me.

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