Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 2.... techno challenge

I spent over four hours today trying to figure out how to download music on to my wretched Black Berry. The music that I wanted to download in any case. Let me tell you they sure don't make it easy! Someone please explain to me how it is my life is supposedly simplified with this thing? I will take responsibility for part of the problem. I am someone who learns experientially. What does that mean? Well I learn by doing - not by reading manuals. It is much to my own disadvantage that I behave this way - because I am sure I have wasted easily hundreds of hours trying to figure things out - cameras, phones, DVD players, Ikea crap, whatever - without reading the instructions. I don't know if I consider it a testament to my perseverance, it makes me feel smart to figure things out without a manual, my sheer pigheadedness .... now you know too much about me! - but I just refuse to read a manual. I can figure this out I chirp to myself.

I get to listen to some great music now in between appointments - and when I do - I will savour the victory over my Black Berry. I have triumphed yet again!

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