Saturday, May 8, 2010

May 8 ... what a Saturday should be..

Today is the kind of day those Italian gardeners warn you about. Lot's of folk I am sure have set about planting their gardens, vegetable or flower, believing that the most spectacular March and April we have ever experienced in this hemisphere, would surely make it time to plant. Well aha! I say - you were wrong!

My mother, who grew up on a farm somewhere in Austria, taught me about something called the "Ice Heiligen" - not sure if I'm spelling that right. It would sort of translate into Ice Holies .. and sure as shooting, no difference what kind of Spring we have had - we can always count on a chill before the real planting weather begins. I am sure that other cultures (those Italian gardeners I was talking about) have their own myth about it - which is why you never see a real Italian planting before the Victoria Day weekend.

All that to say, cold, rainy, chilly day. Merited turning the heat on for a bit. Windy, blustery, a moment or two of sun, but nothing you could do anything with. Ran around doing errands, enough to get wet, cold, damp - yuck. Came home to nice Pea Soup - I mean is there anything better on a day like today? After noon nap, wake for a sec to find Honey covering me with a blankie.... I smile, feel warm, safe, taken care off... and doze off again.

My kind of day....

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