Friday, May 21, 2010

May 21 ... for the love of cooking....

We leave tomorrow for Quebec City-ish... we're going to visit middle daughter and Grandson Number One...

One of the things we are doing together is eating! We have all decided that rather than go out somewhere, we would all prefer some real family time together at home, eating together, playing together, being together... Its been a long, long time since Middle Daughter lived in a way that could accommodate anything like that. This is wonderful. So this morning - in preparation for the reunion.. I made some family favourites. Well truth be told, I started yesterday I think, but whatever - this morning - and an ordeal it was - I made enough Manacotti for a small army. That's how I cook - all (or everyone) or nothing!!! The Goulash I made yesterday to bring along will feed at least twenty... oh well. I made parts of the feast here and the rest will be made on the spot - I'm planning on involving Grandson Number One in a lot of that! I am very excited.

I remember when Honey's dear aunt Helen passed away. I was asked to help with the Shiva meals. Honey's other aunt (who no one appreciates much) arranged a schedule of who would feed the grieving family. I happily took my place among the people that would bring sustenance and comfort at this sad, sad time in all our lives. I remember cooking - I made chicken schnitzel, kasha with vegetables - and I forget what else - but I truly felt the presence of Helen while I was doing this. My cooking was infused with her love for her family, my love for her family and her, a respect for the ritual of Shiva... and I was extremely proud and thankful for my effort.

Ya well, "somewhat challenged other aunt" who had organized all this - clearly got a lot of things wrong - and I arrived at the family's home, with all my food, to find out someone else was slated to order Chinese food!!! Bloody hell..... anyway all that to tell you that in the end my food was served for the Shabbat dinner (the next night) of the Shiva week - it was intimate, and lovely, and really appreciated. Was a big deal to me. I felt Helen would have approved.

Anyway -I'm telling you all this because the same love and meaning and feeling went into today's preparations for my family dinner(s). I am constantly amazed that middle daughter and I have come to a place where we can enjoy, appreciate and anticipate such dinners. It's a miracle to me.

I am still working on figuring out how to blog from the Black Berry..... Should I not post tomorrow and Sunday (unthinkable!) .. it means I'm still working on it!

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