Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5... Princess Day...

I love when a Princess Day is actually a Princess Day. Sometimes, I book the whole day up with things I think I need to do. Sometimes I actually need to do them. Today was a day where I more or less did what I wanted to. I like that. I could do that more often.

While the day began with a 7:30 meeting, it mercifully ended early, and there wasn't too much crazy stuff so that was good. I then decided to go hang out with my girlfriend Y. She is coming along really nicely post-op. We went for a great lunch, had some real lovely heart to heart, listened to each other, and hugged and kissed. I love Y. She is very, very dear to me. Getting to spend some nice time alone with her, without our respective husbands around, was nice. More of that on the agenda!

I then went and bought myself bras and panties. Is that not the drudgiest of chores? I'm not fond of it - except for days like today when I find stuff that fits! So yay me. However the story goes like this: I go and try on 72 bras (I'm fussy I guess what can I say). I manage to find three that fit and feel good and so on, so I'm happy. I pay for my treats and wander around the rest of the mall, looking at shoes, looking at dresses, before I decide I have had enough and head off to my car. Halfway through the parking lot I'm horrified to notice my top is on backwards!! And noticeably backwards, like the only thing missing was the helmet to protect myself backwards... know I'm sayin'???? What's with people who can't say to you umm, Madame, me thinks you're a wee bit askew???

I once sat in front of clients, two of them in a row, to find out later at a doctor's appointment I had been sitting there with my top on inside out. NO ONE SAID A THING??? I dunno... I don't get it. Anyhoo.....

Once I got home today, Honey and I went for a lovely bike ride to visit Bubby. All is well there. What was wonderful was the scents out side - all the lilacs in bloom, all the apple trees in bloom, fresh cut grass, scented tulips... I had a smile on my face many a time today. It's been a lovely day.

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