Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18 .... Getting to know you....

So I got a birthday card in the mail today. It was signed "young pregnant daughter" :). You have no idea of the smile that brings to my face!

But the best part was this! It was inside the card :).

Some time after my young daughter got pregnant, someone suggested to me I write a blog about my experience of her pregnancy. I thought that too narrow a road to walk - and in any case, not so sure her pregnancy was about me per say. Know what I mean? I'm thrilled that I have done what I have done, and continue to do what I do - here in this Gratitude blog - because somehow - it has touched young pregnant daughter (from here forward referred to as Peanut) and has created a bond between us I never imagined possible. There is something wonderful in letting someone into your world, creating some understanding, having your story heard. Especially by those that you love most.

Thanks Peanut....

Oh and PS... I'm so happy tomorrow is a true Princess Day!! Bring it on!

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