Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12 .... Princess Day...

So.. .while I had other plans today.... young pregnant daughter has me on the phone with her, sitting through contractions! Holy Cow! So Grandson number two on the way. Little J, grandson number one, has a loose tooth! We are already at the loose tooth stage with Little J, imagine that how much time has gone by already. I get to see him next weekend! Very excited about that.

My flight is booked to go see young pregnant daughter - sadly only at the end of June. We are in fact both thrilled I'm going. How I long to be there to welcome the new baby into the world. Alas it is not going to be. However this reaching out she is doing is wonderful.

I am chatting with middle daughter, on the phone with young pregnant daughter - I am very happy.

Ok well .. and addendum... no baby yet. My heart goes out to young pregnant daughter. These last hours can be quite the ordeal.

Hang in there girl. You're almost at the end of this. Or the beginning ...

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