Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15 .... From the mouths of babes....

Hello everyone. My name is Levi James Reeves. I was born last night at 7:31 (I stand corrected - 7:34) Calgary time. My Grandma wrote about my eventual arrival a bit too early last night - or she would have been able to tell you I was here! Well, I'm a 6 pound 14 ounce boy with lots of brown hair on my head. My mom said I was very curious from the moment I stepped out - she figures this because my eyes were wide open from the moment I arrived. I keep hearing everyone say what a great job she did and I guess that's true cause here I am!

I'm glad to be here. Life is very nice at the moment. I lie on my mom, and doze off as I please. She seems tired to me so I won't be too demanding.... for now. But it sure feels good to be close to her.

I have already met my Dad who seems like an awesome guy, and I met my auntie Jenn who seems like a fun and spunky aunt. I bet her and I are going to have our fair share of adventures!!

In another few days I will meet Grandma Sylvia and Grandpa. I know that will be great for my mom. She will like the company. In not too long of a time, I will meet my Grandma Heidi. She will take good care of my mom too - I know she wishes she were already here!

Ok world, I need a nap already. What a wonderful world this seems to be, what a wonderful life I have ahead of me!

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