Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 28 .. Redux...

All right.. I have to be honest. I wasn't being honest, or my preferred way of putting it, authentic, in my post earlier today. Yes I'm grateful for the contact with the old friend, yes I'm grateful for the dog I had... but at the time of writing I was in a bit of a tizzy because of the state of my dad and the ensuing complications. Truth be told I was not feeling a whole lot of gratitude at the time of writing, which of course makes the post unauthentic. I can't bear that. Perhaps going forward I will say - Oh my I'm having a really tough day - and am not allowing myself to pause and consider what I am grateful for. Or maybe, the other lesson might be, wait till the storm passes before you write. Whatever... here I am for real....

What I am grateful for is the team of people that surround my father and make sure he lives well, with dignity and respect. People who work with the dementia-stricken elderly do some of the hardest work there is to do. Cleaning, caring, guiding, assisting, it never stops. And these dear lost souls, our parents, are so much better off for having these caregivers in their lives. For this I am really very grateful.

Peace to you Daddy.


  1. he is still there though..... he did not "peace" ?
    your scaring me.

  2. Of course he is still there Laura... sorry I did not intend to worry anyone. I just want him calm and happy .. that's what I meant.