Monday, February 15, 2010

February 15 .. Pain Day...

Well today is going to be challenging. For whatever reason, all the physio and all the exercise, and all the toning and all that crap... is doing nothing for my back/hip malaise. I am not happy. I have not had a good day of it physically, nor a good night. I had plans to workout and couldn't. I had a lot of trouble driving (because walking to the office was out of the question). When will this ever end? Gratitude... I'm working on it.

I'm grateful it's not worse? I am. Really I am.

I know, the inability to walk or move, has had me quiet down. I have worked on my website - I'm really proud of my programming skills, geez who knew I could do that!

I worked on the mailing list for the new cards I designed - today. You get lots done when you can't move around. I guess I could be grateful about that.

I'm grateful there are leftovers in the fridge and I don't have to get up and cook.

I'm grateful I could be there for my friend today. That's always good. And in turn, she was there for me.

And just now as I began to write, lovely pregnant daughter came on line, she is consoling me, listening to me, reaching out. I'm grateful. It's nice.

In the end, the gratitude is never about stuff, or events is it... its about our relationships. Hmmm... I'm grateful.

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